Stroke of Awareness

My Journey

Good News or Bad News?

Normal Heart Hole in the Heart or Patent Foramen Ovale Things have been progressing the last few months with great progress on recovering my right side and speech. Stroke fatigue and tiredness are the difficult ones to work through as the...

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Day of the Stroke

On Monday 4th December 2017 6am I woke up suddenly from a deep sleep feeling that I was suddenly going to be sick. I sat up and got out of bed toppling slightly into the bedroom wall. I kind of staggered to the bedroom door managing to open it and through...

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Day Two – Hospital Awakening

I would say it was an early start at 6am with nurses entering our room but I am not sure I managed to get much sleep the night before as several of the other Stroke patients were not as fortunate as myself and either clearly did not know that they were in...

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